Hello aunts, aunties and godmothers!

Do you want to haveGREATrelationships andGREATfun with your nieces, nephews and godchildren?

Do you want to carry on being aGREATsister and a loving, supportive friend to your siblings and friends after they become parents? Are you looking forGREATadvice and ideas but finding everything on the internet a bit geared towards the needs of mums and teachers?

Me too! Which is why I made this free website just for us. Ta da!

My mission in life is to find and share aunt-relevant advice, aunt-proof ideas and aunt-approved gifts with you so that you can beGREATat being an aunt.

If you'd like to know more about my story click here >> otherwise browse, share and enjoy! Happy aunting!

Sterling Silver Birth Spoons

Completely stunning. Unique, valuable, hand crafted and very, very special indeed. An ideal Christening gift from a discerning Godmother.

50 Types of Christening Gift

A full list of all types of modern, symbolic, meaningful, useful Christening gifts for twenty-first century aunts and godmothers to give.

Easter Story Egg Hunt

How do you talk about the Easter Story without upsetting children? Especially when those children are not your own? One way is to play this game...

Advice for Godmothers at Easter

Here are 10 easy ways to carry out your responsibilities over Lent and during Easter.

How to: Blow and Decorate Eggs

Blowing eggs and decorating them with stickers is easy peasy. We've made a two minute YouTube video to show you how.

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